Courtside X OneTreePlanted

$1.74 CAD $1.74 CAD

Any trees bought between July 28-Aug 5th will be entered for our AJ 1 Japan 'Metallic Silver' Purchase Raffle and/or AJ 1 WMNS Snakeskin Purchase Raffle(use the style/size selector to pick/or pick one of each if you're trying for both).

Pick your size, buy a tree, and you'll be entered. Winners will be contacted & invoiced by Aug 5th around 9PM EST. Buying more than 1 per style does not improve your odds. 


We have increased the price of a tree by 34 cents to cover paypal/payment processing fees. (They take a minimum 30 cents per transaction + 2.9%)

We've also added sizes to make dealing with raffle entries significantly easier for you and us.

We will still be posting our progress with this campaign on our Instagram stories. There you can see total tree's donated along with donation receipt for full transparency.