Courtside Classic

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6th Annual Courtside Classic
June 21-23
Holland College Gym

We’ve been considering dropping the pro/cash portion of this tournament due to difficulty getting commitment and $ from some of those teams. A stacked team can cause a quick couple teams to back out last minute which causes a major clusterf*ck on our end

Teams in our pro-am division will be CAPPED to (3) Players who have played pro within the last 12 months of tournament date.

Registration is open. If we’re not happy with the registrations for our pro-am by MAY 1, we’ll scrap that portion of the tournament.

Prize $ pool will be dependent on registration turnout. It’s been $5,000 the last couple years. Would love to hit $10,000 this year if we can increase the amount of teams coming in.

Stay tuned for more info regarding cost, accommodations, sponsors etc.