4th Annual Courtside Spring Classic

Recreation Competitive
OGP Smith Clark Downey
U17 Cumberland Keliher Grit N Grind
Stratford SSide Surf City Hoopking
Friday June 16th Game 1 6:00 PM OGP Stratford
Game 2 7:15 PM Smith SSide
Game 3 8:30 PM Clark Keliher
Saturday June 17th Game 4 10:00 AM Grit N Grind Hoopking
Game 5 11:15 AM OGP U17
Game 6 12:30 PM Smith Cumberland
Game 7 1:45 PM Clark Surf City
Game 8 3:00 PM Downey Grit N Grind
Game 9 4:15 PM Stratford U17
Game 10 5:30 PM SSide Cumberland
Game 11 7:00 PM Keliher Surf City
Game 12 8:30 PM Downey Hoopking
Sunday June 18th Game 13 9:00 AM A1 B2
Game 14 10:15 AM C1 D2
Game 15 11:30 AM A2 B1
Game 16 12:45 PM C2 D1
Game 17 2:00 PM A3 B3
Game 18 3:15 PM C3 D3
Game 19 4:30 PM G13 Winner G15 Winner REC FINAL
Game 20 5:45 PM G14 Winner G16 Winner COMP FINAL


The Courtside Spring Classic is an annual Sr. Mens basketball tournament. In 2015 we raised funds for Canadian Mental Health Association - P.E.I. Division (Suicide Prevention) in memory of Jon-Eric Barwise. We were able to raise $2,500 in 2015. In 2016 we were able to raise $5,000 for the same cause.

2017 will see a couple changes to our tournament.  First we will split the tournament into 2 divisions.  

A competetive division (no restrictions) 

A recreation division (maximum of 1 current or just-graduated university/college player)

This will allow all games to remain more competitive and balanced.

This year will also be a MONEY tournament for the competitive division.  There would be a minimum of a $5,000 prize pool if we reach a minimum of 12 total teams registered total.


Location : UPEI

Register Here : https://goo.gl/forms/itvrQ3pPTsvyHKTI3

Date : April 22 & 23,  2017

Cost : $450/team

Game Rules: